The Express Way !

Its been quite a number of times since I’ve travelled in a bus now….and the experiences are myriad.

Especially the short distance bus routes …..

I see lot of people in the bus who r rushing back to meet their families for a couple of hours after a long tiring day with initial buttons of the shirt opened and collars ascrewed giving an impression of the torture accessory just being pulled off cruelly…. or getting back to work, with crisp light blue shirt, ironed formals and a suave blackberry in hand, and vice versa.

Others are lots of senior citizens probably off to meet their sons and daughters who had their snacks packed for the 2 hour journey and juices filled up in a bisleri bottle. These people also differ variedly. Some are educated ones and start questioning about your education, work, background etc with keen interest. And they always have somebody in their family relations to brag about their job profiles comparing you with theirs and also end up giving advices on what you should be doing for onsite opportunities. :)

Others are a little more laid back. Most of them sit back and close their eyes and slumber into deep sleep oblivious of others around until somebody wakes them up for their destination. Still others would intently observe the other people around and probably forming opinions about each , some with contempt for the nearby youth with crazy hair and large headphones on his head, others with admiration for the middle aged ladies taking care of their children.

I’ve even met a great range of people on my way. Once I met a lead singer of a local band of Mumbai, other time an IT professional, a cheerful college going girl visiting Mumbai for shopping J, a very shady guy who was too much into himself…and each rendezvous made me smile atleat once ! :)


gudral said…
Nice imagination for the torture accessory good work!!! Girls shud also be asked to wear the same..lolz

Your writing style somewhat does not allow for a fresh start to a new para and imagination somewhat lacking towards the end as u just describe what you saw and nothin of wht u felt.
Wud love to read your heartfelt reactions to the happenings arnd u
Looks like you like to study people. Nice hobby... :-) You'll be wiser as life goes on.

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